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Animal Blog

Animal Blog




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See if you can name the animal!


April 2013


Jays Animal Encounters came to a Daisy Chain Activity Day. There was a Blood Python, Blue Tongued Skink, Tarantula, Bearded Dragon, Hedgehog and Meerkat. Can you spot them?



New lambs at Daisy Chain

April 2013

This spring at Daisy Chain three of our sheep have had lambs. There are two sets of twins and one single lamb. When they are born they look yellow until their mother gives them a good wash to make them all fluffy and white!


tl_files/files/animalblog/Chrismas Farm.jpg


20 Dec 2012


From all our animals and everyone at Daisy Chain, can we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 





Nov 30 2012


It is feeling very chilly on down at Daisy Chain. While we are wrapping up warm inside, our ducks are more than happy with the climate! They have taken up the sport of icestaking... and by the looks of it we could have some Olympic Champions on our hands!!




24 Sept 2012


We had a collection of tigers visit us at Daisy Chain... what do you think?




tl_files/files/animalblog/Taking it in their stride.jpg

5 September 2012


As we all get back into the familiar pattern of September - heading back to school and work our animals at Daisy Chain are completely unaffected as they sit back and relax in their very colourful hammocks!! 




James Waterhouse

10th August

Our animals have been the subject of a special photoshoot today. James Waterhouse, who uses the services at Daisy Chain, has been busy out on the farm photographing our animals. We thought the pictures were so good that we should share them with everyone so here is a special selection from today!



Rats enjoy hammocks

August 8th 2012




Have a look at our rats, Rihanna, Michelle and Rayann enjoying a lounge in their new hammocks donated by fuzzbutt.co.uk.


Rats have a bad reputation, but that is only the wild rats that come out at night. Our rats are domesticated and are highly intelligent creatures. They can be trained to be friendly and spend lots of time keeping  themselves clean and tidy.


As you can see from the picture they come in all shapes and sizes and love to relax in their furry hammocks.



Treats for the chickens


6th August 2012


Chicken Treats




Our lovely farm staff have been very busy making some delicious treats for our chickens! 


The look quite nice, don't they?!?


Night Visitor

2nd August 2012

Last night we were joined by a visitor who was very keen to stay the night at Daisy Chain! 



New arrivals

Date 1st August 2012

Have a look at our latest arrivals!! Lots of cute Guinea Pigs and some little Bantam Hens!




So what do you know about these animals?


Well here are our top two facts about each one:


Guinea Pigs 

1. Guinea pigs are born with fur and with their eyes open

2. Guinea pigs don't have visible tails


Bantam Hens

1. Some Bantam breeds can lay up to 150 eggs per year

2. A bantam is a small variety of poultry, especially chickens


For more information on these animals why not check out the links here Guinea Pig and Bantam



Hello from the animals at Daisy Chain

Date 25th July 2012

Welcome and hello to the Daisy Chain Animal Blog!!



Welcome to the Daisy Chain Animal Blog, from this page you will be able to get all the latest information about our animals on the farm. As a hello to this page have a look at Spike (above) who is our resident Bearded Dragon. Our families love Spike because of his friendly and calm nature.