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Exemplary Safety Record Benefits Daisy Chain

29-04-2012 12:06

Daisy Chain has received £600.00 due to an exemplary safety record at The Breagh Gas Plant Project at Seal Sands thanks to Amec.


Mark Williamson, Health and Safety Manager at Amec, said: “For every month that the site is ‘safe’ and there are no industrial accidents, the three companies involved in the project; Amec, RWE and px, contribute to a charity fund which is then distributed to local charities following recommendations from any site staff.”


Paul Mottram, Commission Manager at Amec, recommended Daisy Chain as he is personally involved with the charity.


Paul said: “My family uses lots of the services that Daisy Chain offers. My son Kiran uses the social groups and as a family we come to the farm on a Saturday for the activity days. When the opportunity to recommend Daisy Chain as a local charity arose I was delighted to be able to support their work.”


Justine Johnson, Corporate Fundraiser at Daisy Chain, said: “ We are delighted that Paul recommended Daisy Chain. The money will help to fund family activity days and benefit hundreds of families across the Tees Valley who are affected by autism. We are very grateful of the support of Amec, RWE and px.”


Daisy Chain is a haven for families affected by autism in the Tees Valley. Daisy Chain provides a range of services, including support and activity groups for the whole family. We believe that Daisy Chain makes a demonstrable, significant and sustainable difference to the lives of the hundreds families across the Tees Valley.


For more information on Daisy Chain please contact us on 01642 531248 or visit our website at www.daisychainproject.co.uk.

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