Our facilities-


Daisy Chain occupies a 5.5 acre farm which we are continuing to develop so that we can provide our families with the highest level of support.

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Day Centre

The Day Centre

In 2010 Daisy Chain opened a unique £1m day centre, the first comprehensive support facility that provides holistic support to children with autism and their families in the UK.


The centre is used by children with special needs and provides short-term respite services at the farm. This allows parents and careers to participate in support groups and activities while their children are being cared for within the day centre. This support is vital to enable families to maintain their cohesion and family life through the strains that can be evident when looking after a child with autism. 
Facilities within the centre include a soft play area, sensory area, arts and craft room, IT and music suite, conference area and meeting rooms.




The Farm

Visiting our 5.5 acre farm is an experience for the whole family!


With all sorts of animals, including pigs, cows, donkeys, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, goats, and even a tortoise, our farm and animal barn are popular attractions for children.


At Daisy Chain we believe animals are a great tool to encourage interaction and stimulation for children affected by autism, many of whom struggle to develop relationships, even with members of their own families.


Children can hold animals in the petting barn, get involved in feeding and grooming them as well as making sure their pens and environments are kept tidy.



Sensory Garden

Sensory Gardens

Our sensory gardens are one of our most exciting developments, which allows children to experience new sensations through touch, feel, smell, sound and sight. The gardens have a number of areas, including: Tactile garden, Sound garden, Herb garden, Maze, Play park and Picnic area.


We have received funding for the re-development of the garden. It now has its own Sensory Garden page where you can see how the work is progressing.



Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Our vegetable garden gives children the opportunity to grow their own produce and work together.








Our fascinating wetland area provides a memorable day out for children as they can learn about nature in a safe, active and fun way.


We run a number of sessions to educate children about the environment, how we fit into the natural world and how we should treat animals and plants with care. Some activities we run in the wetland area include nature trails and bird watching.



We have two virtual tours that you can View: