When Jake Carter got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Feye at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, he made the 2012 Daisy Chain fundraising trek one of the most memorable ever.

This year, Daisy Chain is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary and Stockton couple Feye and Jake are celebrating the birth of their first baby.

Son Zachary arrived just a few weeks ago and the couple are delighted that it all began with such a dramatic proposal while they were fundraising for Daisy Chain.

Feye and Jake at camp

Feye decided it was a challenge she wanted to undertake while she was on a gap year before starting teacher training and persuaded Jake, who says, "We only had a few months to fundraise the £7,000 we needed. I was at work so it was Feye who did the hard work standing outside shops with the charity bucket in the winter months. The least I could do was propose when we made it to the summit."

Feye, now a primary school teacher, adds, "I did volunteering work and worked with children with special needs through university, so it seemed fitting to do the challenge for Daisy Chain. However, I wasn’t expecting a proposal – I hadn’t been able to wash properly for a week so I wasn’t feeling at my most attractive," she laughs.

Although the couple had not planned on getting married at that time, Feye’s mum had made her try on a ring she liked then she called Jake and told him about it. "I said definitely not very firmly to put her off the scent because if Feye’s mum knew anything she would have told Feye. Then I put the phone down, downed tools, raced to the shop and bought the ring.

"I was going to propose on Christmas Eve, our fifth anniversary, but I bailed at the last minute I was so nervous. I thought about Christmas Day, New Year, Valentine’s Day and couldn’t get the courage up – you always worry you just might get turned down. So, I decided to take the ring with me on the Kilimanjaro trek and promised myself that if we both reached the summit together I had to do it."

Feye says, "And Jake almost never made it to the summit as he wasn’t very well the day before."

Jake explains, "I had the ring in my rucksack and I took that rucksack everywhere with me. Even when we went to the mess tent to eat I took it. I was the only one in there with a bag but I wasn’t letting it out of my sight. I kept having to have a sneaky check of it when Feye wasn’t there. Then when we made it to the summit, I gave one of the party the camera and asked her to just follow me and keep clicking. I think she clicked then what I was going to do.

Jake proposing to Feye at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro"I took Feye off to one side away from all the other groups then I got down on one knee, took hold of her hand and asked her to marry me. I could only see her nose as she was all wrapped up and with sunglasses on – it was minus 19 degrees so there was no way she was even taking off her gloves to put the ring on at that point. It was even too cold for a kiss so we made do with a hug. It was a brilliant trip and we are still in touch with everyone who did it that year, I would recommend anyone to do it."

Back in the UK, Feye and Jake had an engagement party with a cake in the shape of Mount Kilimanjaro and the couple were married in 2014. They’re now over the moon with the arrival of baby Zachary. "It’s been perfect," Jake beams.