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If you visit our superstore, you will notice that all our clothes items are labelled with a coloured cube to help you spot the size you are looking for. All volunteers, staff and students are trained to follow a process when sorting the clothes donations ready to be put on the shop floor for sale. This involves checking the garment for wear and tear, selecting the correct coat hanger, and finally the correct coloured size cube. However, at this point, this is where one of our employability students found a solution to speed up the process, making us work more efficiently.

Initially, there was a box with jumbled up size cubes, in which you had to rummage through to find the correct cube. It was here when one of our employability students had a fabulous idea! Instead of rummaging, which could be a long and frustrating process, he came up with an idea to produce an A4 sheet with each of the coloured cubes placed in size order with the size written next to it, to make it easier to spot which colour cube you are looking for. With the assistance of another student, he put together a fantastic colour coded sheet, which you can see on the photos below. This has had a very positive response amongst the other students, staff and volunteers, and has made the process a lot quicker. A massive well done to our employability students!