15 years of Daisy Chain - Mandy and Charlotte

Mandy and Charlotte were one of the first families to visit Daisy Chain and 15 years on they're still attending ...Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Craig Harvey

In Daisy Chain’s fifteenth anniversary year, Craig Harvey will be completing his fifteenth Great North Run for the autism charity based in Norton...Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Bruce Merrick

"Daisy Chain is a family charity, both for families and like a family to all those involved with it..."Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Ian Sanderson

When a couple of clients seeking financial advice from Ian Sanderson told them their story and involvement with Daisy Chain, Ian was sold...Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Norma and Jake

Norma Illingworth can look at her son Jake, now 24, and see the wonderful young man he has turned out to be – thanks to early support from Daisy Chain...Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - John Newhouse

After setting up his own estate agency business, Roseberry Newhouse, John decided to choose a local charity to support and after opening a branch in Norton in 2010 Daisy Chain was the cause that came to mind ...Read more

Big picnic for little Zach

Little Zach Burnside’s face lights up when he hears Daisy Chain mentioned, for it’s one of his most favourite places. So, mum Sarah decided to take part in the charity’s fundraising campaign to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary year – The Big Picnic...Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Joan Douglas

Former Daisy Chain trustee Joan Douglas may be 83 but she is as sprightly as ever and her volunteering days are far from over...Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Kath and John Snowdon

"Everyone wanted to be there and make it happen, all sorts of incredible and dedicated people. There was a real buzz around the farm as we worked to get it up and running..."Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Alan and Barbara Cummings

When Lesley Hanson had her vision of a haven for families affected by autism, Alan and Barbara were ready to roll up their sleeves and help her make Daisy Chain a reality...Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Colin Laver

Colin Laver and his wife Helen made the first ever donation to Daisy Chain - the grand sum of £2 to open an bank account...Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - The Golden Girls

They were known as The Golden Girls in the many years they spent volunteering for Daisy Chain and the time and effort Audrey, Joan and Marion put in has been invaluable to helping raise funds...Read more