Laura Spence

Laura, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has landed her first salaried job and she puts her success down to the support she has had from both her parents and Daisy Chain ... Read more

Eileen Lewin

When Eileen retired from teaching she had no hesitation in signing up as a volunteer with Daisy Chain ... Read more

Tony Carroll

“It’s great to be able to bring all my skills from the school environment in coaching pupils with special educational needs in vocational training and social skills to Daisy Chain" ... Read more

Pam Gill

“I would recommend volunteering at Daisy Chain and volunteering in general. It’s a completely different experience and there isn’t the pressure you have when you are in paid work...” Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Bruce Merrick

"Daisy Chain is a family charity, both for families and like a family to all those involved with it..." Read more

The Harrison family

“Daisy Chain is a fantastic charity and resource for families who have a child on the autistic spectrum. Our 1% club at work gives us the opportunity to spend two days each year volunteering for a chosen charity [....] It’s a great opportunity to be able to give something back..." Read more

Durham University medical student volunteers

“Volunteering at Daisy Chain has raised our awareness of autism. Now if I meet someone on the spectrum in clinical practice, I will be mindful of their needs so I can offer the best patient experience I can give..." Read more

Cleveland Police Cadets enlist to volunteer at Daisy Chain

Cleveland Police Cadets presented themselves for volunteering to develop Daisy Chain’s outdoor space and have helped make a huge difference... Read more

National Volunteers' Week - Kyle Brant

“Daisy Chain is fantastic, it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my capability in the workplace..." Read more

National Volunteers' Week - Zoe Widdowfield

Building a sensory room set as part of her final degree show was not something Daisy Chain volunteer Zoe Widdowfield would have anticipated when she started out on her higher education course... Read more

15 years of Daisy Chain - Kath and John Snowdon

"Everyone wanted to be there and make it happen, all sorts of incredible and dedicated people. There was a real buzz around the farm as we worked to get it up and running..." Read more

National Volunteers' Week - Sue Whelan

"I would recommend volunteering at Daisy Chain to anyone – you really do feel as though you are part of something very special...” Read more