4 Peaks Challenge: Sponsor to support families affected by autism

Samantha Parrish

Daisy Chain fills a large gap in services for individuals affected by autism, as well as their parents, carers, and siblings. These services and project growth rely on your donations.

Mrs Peo - Cleveland 4 peaks walk

Sara Pearson

I am fundraising for daisy chain as it’s a charity close to my heart. We live with autism everyday, and daisy chain is somewhere we can go and are made to feel at ease.

Cleveland 4 Peaks April 2019

Shaun Pearson

Supporting a cause close to our family

Jared's hair cut

Jared Mitchell

Jared wants to raise money while he gets his hair cut

The Perks of Jess Attempting the Great North Run 2018!

Jessica Perks

Daisy Chain are a fantastic charity set up to raise awareness for and help families affected by autism. Autism affects many people in many different ways, and I believe anything that can help people to understand just how amazing and unique they are, without making them feel that they don't belong, is a brilliant thing.

Michelle's 4 Peak Challenge

Michelle Blackburn

To help support families living with autism