Clubs & Activities CoordinatorAngela Baldwin Care Team Leader

I am priviledged to work with a great group of children and young adults, helping them to believe in themselves and become the very best they can be.

What do you like about working at Daisy Chain?

Having worked in a school for 12 years, Daisy Chain is like a breath of fresh air; the children want to and enjoy being here, they are able to relax and be themselves without the stresses and anxieties the school environment can bring.

Name one person you'd love to meet:

I have been besotted with Julia Roberts since I first saw Pretty Woman and all her films since - I would love to sit down for a chat over a cuppa and a biscuit.

Crisps or chocolate:

Chocolate every time. I am a difficult person to be around when I need chocolate and my family know to keep me well supplied. I collect fridge magnets, my favourite being "I'd give up chocolate - but I'm no quitter!"