How do I hold my Big Picnic Event?

It couldn't be simpler. You can sign up here and we'll send you your fundraising pack in 7-10 working days. You will also be granted access to our designated downloads section, where you can access lots of information and promotional materials for your event. 

For the event itself, simply:

  • choose any date throughout the month of June
  • decide where you'll be holding your picnic (indoors, outdoors, office, school field, etc.)
  • get everyone involved in the celebrations!

You could even choose a theme for your Big Picnic - from Teddy Bear's Picnic to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party - let your imagination run wild!

How do I raise funds at my Big Picnic event?

There are numerous ways in which you can raise funds at your event. You could ask everyone who attends to make a donation, hold a tombola, have competitions and games - the possibilities are endless! If you have an idea you'd like to discuss or are looking for a little more inspiration, simply call our Fundraising Team who will be happy to help.

How do I share photos of my event with you?

Throughout June, we will be going social media crazy with pictures and updates from all our supporters who are taking part and fundraising for us, so don't forget to use the hashtag #DaisyChainBigPicnic and fill our news feeds with all your awesome photos! 


How do I pay in the money I've raised?

You can pay the funds you have raised to us in a number of ways - you can view all the options on our Pay in Your Donations page.

Can I ask people to donate by text?

Yes you can! Simply text "DAISY" to 70660 to donate £5 (which will be added to their monthly phone bill or taken from their mobile phone credit) - another easy way to raise funds! 

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is an income tax relief scheme that enables charities to reclaim the basic rate of tax on your donation at no extra cost to you, and increase the value of your donation by 25%. To be eligible to claim Gift Aid on your donation, you must be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient income and/or capital gains tax to cover the amount that Daisy Chain will reclaim in each tax year.

You are only able to claim Gift Aid on voluntary monetary gifts (donations) and are not able to claim on donations made in return for goods, rights and services (e.g. tickets to events, raffles or auctions).

How do supporters register for Gift Aid at my Big Picnic event?

To allow Daisy Chain to reclaim tax on any of your guest's individual voluntary donations, you will need them to complete their details on the Big Picnic Gift Aid sheet (found in your event pack).

Do I have to use the Daisy Chain Gift Aid form?

Yes please - the form we have is designed to allow us to claim Gift Aid properly. Please do not create your own form, as this is a legal document and must include certain information to be valid.

After your event, simply drop off the form with the funds (if you are paying by cash) or return it in the pre-paid envelope within your pack. Our address is:

Daisy Chain Project
Calf Fallow Farm
TS20 1PF

Can I fill the form in for everyone rather than each person doing it individually?

No, please ask all your attendees to complete the Gift Aid form in person and for each individual donation.

You cannot total the amount raised on the day and record it on the form under your name - each individual donor, their personal details and their gifted amount must be recorded.