At Daisy Chain we know that autism is a lifelong condition, which is why we are developing more services for adults on the autism spectrum as well as enhancing our existing services for adults. Having a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) doesn’t mean that your life is over, we know that people with autism can have fulfilling and meaningful lives, whether through working, volunteering, training or having fun. This is why we are committed to increasing our employability and other adult services throughout 2018.

We’re very lucky to have our Friends of Daisy Chain, a group of local businesses, large and small, that meet to hear about our work and look at ways to support us. At the last Friends meeting, I gave a presentation about our plans for the next three years and our Employability Lead, Hayley Matthews, spoke about how local companies can support people with autism who are looking to work. The response has been phenomenal with several local firms already committing to accepting supported employability placements.

We also have a fantastic adults club at Daisy Chain where 30 people on the autism spectrum come together every week either to participate in activities at our centre at Calf Fallow Farm or to have a trip out together to ten-pin bowling or the cinema. This group is proving so popular we are looking to hold a second group.

None of this detracts from our work with children and families, our adult work is in addition to that. We know from speaking to our families that many of them are worried what will happen to their children when they grow up and I believe that part of Daisy Chain’s role is to help those families have aspirations and hope for the future.

Autism may be a lifelong condition but Daisy Chain is for life.

To find out more about the services and events at Daisy Chain, simply get in touch.