Stuart’s guitar sessionHaving started out volunteering at a music project for young people not suited to mainstream school, I jumped at the chance to bring my guitar into work again. Unfortunately, I had a sense of deja vu when some of the young people turned out to be much better guitarists than me! I lugged by beloved Fender Jaguar HH Special, 40w valve amp and - most importantly for someone of limited talent - my effects pedals to the farm to share my passion for music.

Sometimes I take the fact I’ve been around musical instruments for over 30 years for granted. I have to remind myself that not everyone gets a chance to see an electric guitar up close, learn what all the knobs and buttons do and even have a go and I was delighted, and slightly nervous, when a sizeable audience gathered. Luckily, I think I dazzled them with my electronic boxes of tricks as much as my playing.

Later on in the afternoon I returned - by request - and, laughingly, decamped to the ‘quiet room’ where one of our young people proceeded to show me what happens when you get old and don’t have the time to practice as much as you should. He blew me away!

It was brilliant to share my hobby with everyone and remind myself why I do the job I do; being with people and creating an environment where people can flourish and have new, positive experiences. If only every working day could be like that. Still, I can take some satisfaction that at least one young person now knows who Neil Young is!