The 18-year-old, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, wants to be able to work and earn his own money as well as gain independence.

Parents Helen and Dave wanted George to have some support and felt there was little available to help their son through the job-hunting and interview process.

‘We got in touch with Daisy Chain for some support and it was fantastic the work they did with George. The employability course and the individually tailored support that George received was absolutely brilliant.’

George adds, ‘I really enjoyed it, it gave me a lot of confidence in myself. Working with both the staff and people of a similar age made me feel comfortable with my autism. I also enjoyed working in the Daisy Chain Superstore in a real adult working environment and not being treated as a child. It gives you real work experience.’

With support from Daisy Chain’s employability coordinator Sarah Moore, George has been working at A Hill & Sons, a wholesale horticultural and plant nursery at Stokesley three days a week.

Ideally George would like to work full time and this is his longer-term goal. Helen explains, ‘George is very capable. He will make an employer a loyal, hardworking employee who is reliable and trustworthy. George is just not sure exactly what career he wants to pursue but doing the Daisy Chain course and getting this paid work has given him excellent experience and we can all see the difference in his confidence levels. Ask him to do any job and he will do it well and with pleasure, he just needs guidance in what to do.’

When George was younger the family realised there were some issues as he was struggling to both cope and progress at school. ‘Even with a diagnosis we couldn’t find support for George. He did his GCSEs and went to college but when he left there I found there was no help and guidance. It was only Daisy Chain that was so helpful. We thought the support and the course were brilliant.

‘It’s also fantastic how Daisy Chain can liaise with and support the employer so they gain an understanding of what is needed from them. It’s very reassuring for the whole family.’

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