For Su and Adrian Dixon, it was a traumatic time in the life of their middle child 15-year-old Noah.

Says Su, “Noah was traumatised by school. It was Daisy Chain that kept him going through those terrible times.”

Su and Adrian have three children – their eldest is now 18, Noah and eight-year-old Lily who is awaiting assessment for ASD.

Su explains, “They are all very different. Noah embraces his autism and Daisy Chain has been a real refuge for him. Over the years we have been passed around so many different services and been given confusing and conflicting information, Daisy Chain has been one of only two places where we have felt listened to and respected.”

For Noah, school has been a real problem. In fact, Noah found it so difficult to cope, Su and Adrian were at their wits’ end and Noah spent long periods out of school until he started a specialist school, Breckenbrough at Thirsk, which he loves. “It’s amazing to see him happy and able to trust again. We feel we have the old Noah back now.”

The family live at Northallerton and having a DL postcode means they are entitled to access Daisy Chain activities and services. “While Noah was out of school we fought to get him some home tuition and he went to Daisy Chain for an educational placement. It made a huge difference to him. He attends the teenage club too. Daisy Chain kept him going and helped him to cope. Noah needed believing in and Daisy Chain believed in him.

“I have to say that we would have been lost without Daisy Chain. It is quite a distance for us to travel but we were very lucky to be eligible for all that is offered. It has been a hard battle to get the right support and it continues to be a fight to get what Lily needs. When children can cope academically in mainstream school, it can be hard to get their needs correctly assessed. That’s where families need the support and advice of a specialist service like Daisy Chain to help them negotiate what can be a real minefield.

“I don’t know how families who can’t access Daisy Chain manage and I know how stretched the services are. It has brought a quality of life to all of us as a family and the staff are brilliant.”

29th March 2018

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