Cleveland Police Cadets presented themselves for volunteering to develop Daisy Chain’s outdoor space and have helped make a huge difference.

Around 20 young cadets aged between 13 and 17 have been working to improve the wetlands area on the 5.5-acre farm site at Norton.

They spent three days over three weekends re-wiring, painting decking, sanding, treating and painting benches as well as clearing out algae from the ponds. They also planted new flowers to attract new insects and bugs and created new planters painted in bright colours to create a mini sensory garden.

Stockton cadet unit leader, James McLeary, said, “Our cadets work hard throughout the year and an important part of what they do is volunteering. Our aim is always to improve our community and Daisy Chain gives them an opportunity to improve and develop what is a really unique environment which offers a haven and support for families with autism. For the cadets, it is an ideal time to learn to work as a team and enjoy giving something back to the community. It’s very rewarding.”

Sarah Aitchison, outdoor activity coordinator,said, “It makes a huge difference to have dedicated and hardworking volunteers giving their time to help us manage our outdoor areas which cover a lot of ground and take a lot of looking after. A huge thank you to all the Cleveland Police Cadets who have taken part.”

B&Q and Wickes donated materials to enable the Cadets to carry out the work.