Every penny counts, and pennies make pounds, so what better way to support us by having one of our collection tubs in your workplace and encourage people to donate their loose change to us.

Our collection tubs help us to generate vital funds to help us to continue our work, whilst raising awareness at the same time! We have a dedicated team who will visit you every few months to replace your full tub with a new one.

Collection tubs at work

Why not order yours today by completing our request form below?

  • Please provide your organisation’s address, and not your home address.
  • If you would like to place a collection box in a local business please ask an employee to complete the request form

Collection tubs at home

Did you know that, as a country, we have £345 million in loose change in our homes, down the back of our sofas and in our cars? Order a collection tub today and put your pennies to good use.


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