Why is your feedback important?

We want to make sure that you are satisfied with our services. We need to know what we are doing well, what we can do better and what we are doing wrong. This is why we welcome all feedback about our services. We take all comments, complaints and compliments seriously to help us put things right for you.

How can you give us feedback?

You can tell us what you think by:

  • telling any of our staff who you have contact with
  • sending a letter to the Chief Executive
  • filling in the Feedback Form (download FeedbackForm.pdf, fill it in and sign it and return to Daisy Chain)
  • e-mailing the Chief Executive (feedback@daisychainproject.co.uk)

you can give your feedback to any member of staff, manager or CEO.

*NB: During the period of time that Daisy Chain is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all feedback must be given in writing via email to the address given above.


How do we deal with your feedback?


When we receive a compliment, we will thank you, and will pass your compliment to all people concerned. If your compliment relates to a member of staff or volunteer we will ensure a copy is kept in their employment file.

Comments & Suggestions

When we receive your comment, we will write to thank you. A manager will let you know if we can put your suggestion into practice or will explain why we can’t.


Please let us know if:

  • we tell you we will do something but we don’t
  • we take too long to do something that we have promised to do
  • we tell you that we cannot help you, when you believe we could
  • you think a member of our staff is rude, or treats you badly or unfairly or behaves inappropriately
  • you think there is a serious problem with one of our services
  • you have any other concerns about Daisy Chain

When we receive a complaint we will write to you within five working days acknowledging it and informing you of the next course of action.


Daisy Chain’s Complaints and Representations Procedure

Stage 1:

How will my complaint be handled?

We hope that most things that you are concerned about can be settled by talking to the person you usually see from Daisy Chain. If you tell them about your issue they will usually provide a response straight away.  On some occasions they will have to go away and investigate or speak to a colleague, in which case they will provide a response with 5 working days.

Stage 2:

If you are not happy with the response from your usual contact – or the complaint is about them – you can contact their manager.  If you are not sure who their manager is you can ask any member of staff or contact their head of department.

Stage 3:

If you are still unsatisfied with the response to your complaint you can contact the Chief Executive directly.  The Chief Executive will ensure they have understood the nature of your complaint and conduct a full investigation and provide a written response within 10 working days.

Stage 4:

What if I am not satisfied with the Chief Executive’s response?

You must make a request, in writing, for a Complaints Appeal Panel Hearing. Your letter should be sent to the Chief Executive within 28 days of the date on the Chief Executive’s response to you. In this letter you should describe the nature of your initial complaint and why you feel it has not been adequately addressed.


What happens next?

You will be invited to a meeting with the Complaints Appeal Panel.  The Panel will comprise of

  • 2 Daisy Chain Trustees (including Chair or Vice-Chair)
  • A Daisy Chain Manager unconnected to the complaint

The Panel meeting will be arranged within 14 working days of the Chief Executive receiving your request (wherever possible). You may be accompanied by another person, who may speak for you if you wish.  The Panel may decide to conduct further investigations in order to ensure they come to a fully informed decision.

The Panel’s recommendations will (whenever possible) be sent to the you within 2 working days after the end of the investigation and will outline

  • Whether your appeal has been successful or not
  • If not, why they feel not
  • If it was successful, the next course of action

The Complaints Appeal Panel’s decision is final.

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