Come along and learn how to apply and develop mindful coping strategies and express through creative outlets such as art, poetry, group chats and music. 

G – Gratitude – Exploring what we are grateful for and how we can apply it to everyday life 

I – Identifying boundaries – what makes me uncomfortable and how do I want to be treated 

R – Realising our potentials – we are capable of so much when we believe we can 

L – Letting go of our worries – exploring mindful coping strategies to allow feelings to come and then go 

S – Self-care – Exploring what we enjoy and how to use it as self-care. 

The last session will be a celebration of you and the amazing things you have learn over the summer of bravery because sometimes showing up can be the bravest thing you can do and that deserves to be celebrated! 

Suitable for girls aged 12-17 years

  • Must be able to work in a small group 
  • Must be able to follow instructions 
  • Must have or be undergoing a diagnosis of ASD 

£60 for 4-week course:

Monday 2nd August - 1:30pm-3:30pm 

Monday 9th August – 10am-12pm 

Monday 16th August – 1:30pm-3:30pm 

Monday 23rd August – 10am-12pm 

Sorry, this event is now sold out.