Come along and enjoy our range of funded performing arts workshops!

  • Must be able to work in a small group 
  • Must be able to follow instructions 
  • Must have or be undergoing a diagnosis of ASD 

Tuesday 10th August


Fashion Show – Enjoy creating costumes and perform a fantastic fashion show! 

Ages 4-10 

Wednesday 11th August


Script Writing –learn scriptwriting for stage and screen

Ages 10-17 

Thursday 12th August


Directing – Learn how to create stories and influence scenes with your directing skills!

Ages 10-17 

Friday 13th August


Acting for Camera – an opportunity to learn techniques used in acting for the camera. Become the next TV or movie star!

Ages 10-17 

Tuesday 17th August


Musical Theatre - Learn a song and build choreography together for one magical musical number! 

Ages 9-17 

Wednesday 18th August


Monologuing – master solo performances!  Ages 11-17

Thursday 19th August


Comedia Dell’Arte - Explore comedy stock characters!  Ages 11-17 

Friday 20th August


Drama Games – enjoy a range of activities based around performing arts! 

Ages 4-11 

Thanks to funding from BBC Children in Need, these sessions are free!

Sorry, this event is now sold out.