Safeguarding Team

Please remember that although the below staff are the primary safeguarding team, every member of staff has a duty to ensure the safeguarding of themselves and our families.

All members of the care team know the steps to take and should act immediately to safeguarding concerns. The safeguarding team are very aware of each others whereabouts and always try to ensure a member of the team is present. However, if for any reason there is not a member of the safeguarding team around staff should not wait for clarification to report a concern.  



Phone extension

Working pattern

Hayley Matthews

Lead Officer

[email protected] 


Monday & Wednesday 8am-5:30pm

Friday 8am-5pm

One Saturday per month (Office time)

Wendy I'Anson

Adults Safeguarding

[email protected] 


Wednesday-Friday 9am-3pm

Clare Nattrass

Children's Safeguarding

[email protected] 


Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm (flexi time)

April Butterworth

Children's Safeguarding

[email protected] 


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (flexi time)

Angela Middleton Hughes

Children's Safeguarding

[email protected] 

103 (Hot Desk)

Monday 6.30pm-8.30pm

Thursday 12pm-8.30pm

Friday 8am-5pm

One Saturday a month 10am-3pm (varies)

Lois Boothman

Children's Safeguarding

[email protected] 


Monday - Friday 9am-5pm (flexi time)