At Daisy Chain, we believe that animals are a great tool to encourage interaction and stimulation for autistic children, many of whom struggle to develop relationships, even with members of their own families. Children who visit the farm can hold the animals, get involved in feeding and grooming them, as well as making sure their pens and living environments are kept tidy. This is a unique learning opportunity for our children through what is often their first time interacting with animals.

We offer 1:1 animal therapy sessions to our children, as well as including animal activities in our weekly Saturday activity days, social clubs and youth clubs. We also offer animal care qualifications to our placement students, including practical small animal care skills (entry levels 2 or 3) and practical farm animal care skills (entry levels 2 or 3).

In 2015, the farm area was re-developed, thanks to funding of almost £50,000 from ITV’s People’s Millions. The funding allowed us to build a number of new areas in the farm, such as stables, a pig sty, a reptile room and aviary/outside enclosures, and to re-develop our fish pond area and small animal room. We also welcomed a number of new animals, including our alpacas and a wider variety of reptiles and amphibians.

You can choose to sponsor one of our animals to help to meet the all year round demands on animal care services – visit our Sponsor an Animal page for more information.

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