I have been saying that I would do this run for the past two years, and I have wanted to do it for a charity that could really help people. However, as I'm not so great at getting out there on my own and making tough decisions, I was grateful for the opportunity offered to run for Daisy Chain. As mentioned, Daisy Chain are a fantastic charity set up to help families affected by autism. Though I don't personally have anybody close to me that is affected by autism, I have a number of friends that have made me aware of their condition, and without them actually telling me, I would never have known.

Daisy Chain are a fantastic charity set up to raise awareness for and help families affected by autism. Autism affects many people in many different ways, and I believe anything that can help people to understand just how amazing and unique they are, without making them feel that they don't belong, is a brilliant thing.

Autism can literally affect every individual person on the spectrum differently, and I believe it's a wonderfully fascinating thing. These people affected are no different to any other. I love to hear their stories and understand more about them because of this. Anything I can do to help raise awareness for this condition is something I'm happily willing to do, though I can't guarantee how far I'll get or how well I'll do!

Jessica Perks