The internet can be a wonderful place for learning, communication, support, fun and all manner of interesting stuff. However it is important to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones while online. Children and young people’s lives have changed dramatically because of the coronavirus. With most schools closing, many children will be spending more time at home and online.

And while the internet is a great way for children and young people to stay in touch with their friends and keep busy during lockdown, it can also bring risks (both during lockdown and beyond). Now more than ever it’s important to talk to your child about staying safe online and about the apps and sites they’re using.

Internet safety is a concern for everyone and due to many services having to relocate online, we thought it would be a great idea to make a short video to highlight the main points of internet safety. This is a simple video that only highlights the main concerns. Check out the resources below to get in depth advice and guidance on online safety.

Daisy Chain Policies & Safeguarding

Daisy Chain Safeguarding – Daisy Chain has a robust safeguarding policy and this page has tonnes of information on how we safeguard the people we serve.

Daisy Chain Privacy Policy – This privacy notice sets out how Daisy Chain uses and protects any information you provide us via our website.

Internet Safety Resources

There are also a number of great online resources that can help with making your internet experience a positive one. Check out some of the resources and links below.

Think U Know – Think U Know is an excellent web safety site that offers videos and interactive resources to help families learn about internet safety.

Internet Matters – Inclusive digital safety for families with young children

NSPCC – The NSPCC have a wide range of really helpful resources that can assist you with online safety.

Net Aware – including how to set content filters and how to talk to your child about online safety


CEOP is a command of the National Crime Agency and is dedicated to tackling the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and young people. CEOP helps children and young people under the age of 18 who have been forced or manipulated into taking part, or are being pressured to take part, in sexual activity of any kind. This can be both online and offline. The CEOP Safety Centre offers information and advice for children and young people, parents and carers and professionals. You can visit the CEOP Safety Centre and make a report directly to CEOP by clicking the Click CEOP button.

Online bullying or other online concerns should not be reported to CEOP and children and young people should be directed to speak to an adult they trust, and/or referred to Childline, if they would like to speak to someone about how they are feeling.

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