Daisy Chain volunteer Kyle Brant is desperate to find a job but after applying for literally hundreds he has so far had no success at all.

Kyle, 20 has cerebral palsy but he has no intention of letting it stand in the way of his search for employment.

Despite repeated disappointment, he is doing everything in his power to enhance his CV including volunteering in the Daisy Chain Superstore.

Kyle explains, “Daisy Chain is fantastic, it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my capability in the workplace.”

After studying IT, that is the field Kyle has been seeking employment in, “I have had a few interviews which have seemed very positive but then I haven’t had feedback on why I didn’t get the job. After one job interview I saw they re-advertised the post just a few hours later, I hadn’t even been told I was unsuccessful.”

Such experiences are extremely disheartening for Kyle, “It feels hurtful and unkind when you don’t get feedback and something like that happens,” he explains. “Often you get told you don’t have enough experience but how do you get experience when no-one will give you a chance?”

So, Kyle decided volunteering would look good on his CV, “It shows you can do the job. Coming to volunteer at Daisy Chain makes me happy. It gives me a routine and purpose in my week. I am getting to know everyone and they are getting to know me for who I am. The opportunities you get here at Daisy Chain are endless, the staff are open to helping you learn everything from how to sort donations, price and display and work the till to general life skills like working in a team and helping customers.”

Kyle’s younger brother Cole who is nine has an autism spectrum disorder, he is non-verbal and spends time at Daisy Chain’s high needs sessions. “What Daisy Chain does for both Cole and myself is fantastic,” says Kyle.

Currently, Kyle works four hour shifts four days a week – a total of 16 hours to see how he can manage as the job can be physically demanding. “I have surprised myself at how well I can cope,” he smiles. “I just want to be able to work and achieve some independence for myself. Having cerebral palsy means I won’t get any better so I have to get on with it.

“Daisy Chain has shown me, and I hope employers too, that I can work and I work hard, it has shown me there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Rob Kendall, volunteer manager, says, “Kyle is an extremely hardworking and dedicated worker who uses his initiative to do tasks he can see need doing. He has swiftly become a highly valued member of the Superstore team and very reliable. He would be a great asset to any company or organisation.”

For more information on volunteering with Daisy Chain, visit our Volunteering pages on our website.

3rd May 2018