With 5.5 acres, our site includes gardens, allotments, fish pond, and of course, the farmhouse where it all began.

Daisy Chain Farmhouse and allotmentsThe Farmhouse

Our farmhouse was the hub of all Daisy Chain activities in the early days of the charity, with downstairs offering the space for our Links meetings and crafts and activities for the children, and offices upstairs for staff and volunteers. With the expansion of the charity, this all moved over to the Day Centre in 2010, and the farmhouse is now used as offices, training rooms and a space for additional clubs, meetings and staff.


At the front of the farmhouse, we have a beautiful enclosed garden - perfect for activities outdoors and picnic benches in the summer! Maintained by our site staff and volunteers, it provides a tranquil area for our families to use.Daisy Chain Allotments


Looked after by a team of dedicated volunteers, our allotment area provides the young people who attend Daisy Chain with the opportunity to grow their own plants and produce, whilst working together to enhance their social interaction.

Fish pond

Our large fish pond is home to coy carp fish, who are soon to be joined by our chickens and ducks. The ducks be able to use the big pond and the chickens will love foraging around the trees.