Kelly Tearney

There’s no doubt mum Kelly Tearney has her hands full with three children under six and two of them on the autistic spectrum.Read more

15 Years of Daisy Chain - Liz & Keith Walker

"Daisy Chain was the only place where we did not have to tick box after box to get any support. Without Daisy Chain, I don't think we would be here today..."Read more

Kim Sayers and Bailey

Kim Sayers will never forget the moment she knew something had changed in her grandson Bailey.Read more

The Eales family

When Gillian’s son James was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum at four-years-old, she admits it was a relief.Read more

Sian Conway and Tara

When Sian Conway looks back over the years as her daughter Tara grew up with Asperger’s, she hardly believed she would be sending her off to University.Read more

Elliot Dunn – Work Placement

Elliot explains how getting work experience has built his confidence in the workplace.Read more

Carole Skeoch and Samuel Corbishley

Long before their son Samuel was diagnosed with Asperger’s, parents Carole and Alistair knew there was something different about him compared to his older brother Dylan.Read more

Joanne Ryan and Conrad

Joanne Ryan says Daisy Chain has been a beacon in the darkness for her and her family since Conrad, now 11, was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder ....Read more

Claire Wild and Jack Noble

Claire Wild on the impact Daisy Chain has had on Jack ....Read more

Sam Corner and Elliot

Understanding and acceptance is what Daisy Chain has contributed for Sam Corner, husband Paul and her three sons ...Read more

Emma and Hector

The road to an autism diagnosis and to Daisy Chain has been a very rocky one for Emma, husband Vladimir and their 8-year-old son Hector ...Read more

Roundtree family – Jude

For Frances and Clay Roundtree Daisy Chain has provided a lifeline as part of their son’s social life and education ...Read more