Performing Arts at Daisy Chain

Moving into 2022 we have a whole new and exciting set of projects coming up, starting in January we will be running clubs such as ‘Making a Short Film’ and ‘Improvisation Workshops’ which will run all the way up until the Summer Holidays (Excluding any school half terms)

For any queries related to the project or alternatively to also sign up for sessions please contact: View full details here.


Welcome to Rising Stars…

The Rising Stars Project will be providing fun, free and engaging performing arts based groups for children and young people with a diagnosis of autism (or who are undergoing diagnosis).

We are pleased to be offering this project completely free of charge and our friendly team are here to support you and your family.

Meet the team


All of our activities are aimed at people with a range of past experiences, so even if you’ve never done any performing arts before there’s no need to worry – you’ll be able to have fun and join in all the same!  

But what is it we actually offer? Well, we have a whole range of things, including drama games, character building, improvisation, dance classes, workshops for writing, acting and directing, and so much more. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about all kinds of performing arts related subjects in a fun, safe, supportive and inspiring environment. 

Make Memories, Learn Skills and Grow Friendships


The Project is Free to Join

By the end of your time on this project you will have had a fun time and created lots of memories, but we also want you to have something to take away with you. That’s why we will be creating ‘showreels’ for Rising Stars participants, a little something to remember all you have accomplished. This might include videos of performances, group work, discussions, games, improvisations, scripted work and much more. 

Finally, we will be ending with a Rising Stars Showcase, a day where you get to show something off to your family and friends. This might be a performance you have created solo or with friends, it might be a script you have written, a song, a dance, a video or short film you’ve made, an art installation, or basically anything creative you might produce. We want this day to be a celebration of you and all you have achieved, so we really want you to let your personal interests shine! 

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