Coronavirus (COVID-19) - latest update

Our charity Superstore on Portrack Lane opened in May 2014 and has gone from strength to strength, giving us the opportunity to increase awareness of Daisy Chain and to provide a sustainable income to help us to support families affected by autism in the Tees Valley. You can sign up for our newsletter at the foot of the page.

A full risk assessment has been undertaken in relation to the opening of the Superstore during the Covid-19 pandemic and is available to see here.

  • 1000 donation bags received each week

  • 60-70 van collections each week

  • >6000 gift aid donors

  • >210,000 donation bags since we opened

Daisy Chain Superstore Assistant Stephen BoonShop Assistant

I do a bit of everything regarding the shop floor, from merchandising to looking after gift aid and the tills. I sometimes work in the Coffee Shop too.

What do you like about working at Daisy Chain?

I love everything about Daisy Chain; I love the staff and volunteers and I love talking to the customers too.

Name one person you'd love to meet:

If I was to meet someone, it would have to be Stephen King - as an author, I find him very intriguing.

iPhone or Android:

I prefer iPhone to Android, can't be doing with Android. I find iPhone more user friendly.