Summer Services – Health and Safety Communication

What we are doing to ensure your safety

On the 11th of May, the Government announced its plans of rebuilding the UK and starting to return to a more normal life whilst COVID 19 is still present.

We at Daisy Chain have been assessing what this means to us: how we can start to begin to return to work and reopen, but with the health and safety of all our staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, customers and visitors to our sites as our number one priority.

We have completed risk assessments and are ensuring the workplace is COVID 19 secure in line with the Government guidance. These risk assessments are available to view and will be published on our intranet site

We have based our assessments on the Working Safely During Coronavirus guidance published by the UK Government on 25th May 2020 and further details can be found on the following website:

 General Safety

We have increased the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning. Hand sanitiser and cleaning products are available in all office and communal areas and a cleaning Rota is in place for high-usage areas.

Posters displaying good hygiene and the correct hand washing techniques have been displayed. Where possible, we will increase ventilation by opening windows.

Compliance with social distancing measures will be in place. Signs will be in place and areas marked to help ensure compliance.

Staff and volunteers who develop symptoms of Coronavirus will not come into the workplace but will follow the latest guidance from the NHS. Details can be found on the following website:


If a staff member or volunteer has a confirmed case of Coronavirus, a process is in place to ensure a senior member of management is notified and will follow any guidance from Pubic Health England in relation to possible closures, deep cleaning and staff isolation. We will also follow the track and trace guidance

All staff before commencing duties will have had to read and fill in a re-integration pack.


Staff and volunteers will wash their hands regularly.

Hand sanitiser will be provided throughout the site and working areas.

Posters will be in place to remind staff and service users of good handwashing techniques.

Hard surfaces including tables, phones, kitchen worktops, door handles etc. will be cleaned down regularly: at the start of each shift, periodically throughout the day and at the close of each shift.

A cleaning rota has been put in place.


Signs will be put up to ask everyone to not enter the site if they show any symptoms of COVID 19 and to remind them of the requirements for social distancing.

Drop off and pick up will be staggered before any activities to minimise contact and to ensure there is social distancing in place.  Clubs will be on a rota basis to also minimise contact and to ensure we can maintain social distancing.

Hand sanitiser will be available on entrance and throughout all of the buildings.

Young people are made aware of Daisy Chain’s infection control procedures in relation to coronavirus via a meeting/visual and they must tell a member of staff if they begin to feel unwell.

  • Posters are displayed throughout Daisy Chain reminding young people to wash their hands, before entering and leaving Daisy Chain, or after any activity. They will be supervised and will wash their hands according to the guidance of at least 20 seconds.
  • Young people do not share cutlery, cups or food. We will use disposable cups for drinking and all utensils are thoroughly cleaned before and after use.
  • Anyone who displays signs of being unwell is immediately referred to the Daisy Chain first aider. They will follow NHS advice to isolate the person, use correct PPE and inform parents immediately.  The area will not be reused until it has been thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

Spread of Infection

  • Spillages of bodily fluids, e.g. respiratory and nasal discharges, are cleaned up immediately in line with the Infection Control Policy, using PPE at all times.
  • Young people are instructed to cough or sneeze into their elbow and use a tissue to cover their mouths where possible, disposing of the tissue in waste disposal units.
  • Young people will clean their hands after they have coughed or sneezed.
  • Parents are informed not to bring their children to Daisy Chain or on the Daisy Chain premises if they show signs of being unwell and believe they have been exposed to coronavirus.
  • Children who have displayed symptoms of coronavirus must self-isolate for 14 days before returning to Daisy Chain.
  • Young people queue 2 meters apart at entrances and exits to avoid risks of transmission.
  • Plan drop-off and pick-up arrangements to minimise adult to adult contact (only one parent to drop off their child and to avoid bringing other children – where possible)
  • Remove unnecessary items from rooms including certain toys and soft furnishings
  • Keep young people in the same, small groups at all times each day – groups should not come in to contact with each other
  • Keep the same staff with each group throughout each day where possible
  • Limiting children using toilets to doing so one at a time

 We are aware that you will have many questions about reopening so we hope these will answer some of them.


Will young people be using the same toilets? 

Young people will be allocated toilets to use separate from the staff toilets. They will only be allowed to leave the room or area one at a time to use the toilet. Toilets will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.


Will everyone be wearing face masks and gloves? 

No. If a child becomes ill, the staff member who is looking after them until they are collected will wear a mask and gloves.


Should my child wear a face covering, mask or other PPE?

Government guidance states, “Wearing a face covering or face mask in schools or other education settings is not recommended”

Staff will only wear PPE when;

  • a child whose care routinely already involves the use of PPE due to their intimate care needs.
  • a child becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus while in their setting and needs direct personal care until they can return home. A face mask should be worn by the supervising adult if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. If contact with the child or young person is necessary, then gloves, an apron and a face mask should be worn by the supervising adult. If a risk assessment determines that there is a risk of splashing to the eyes, for example from coughing, spitting, or vomiting, then eye protection should also be worn.



Will young people be able to play together outside? 

Young people will only be able to play with someone from their group. They will have a designated outdoor space to play in. Different groups will not be allowed to mix at any time during the day. 


Will social distancing be applied?

The government have recognised that primary age children cannot be expected to remain two metres apart from each other and staff. The recommendation is that there are no more than 15 in a group, which is what we are adhering to on site.


What will happen if my child becomes ill at Daisy Chain? 

If your child becomes ill, they will be isolated, behind a closed door and with appropriate adult supervision. The adult will then wear PPE – face mask and gloves. Self-isolation rules should then be applied for that child and their family and a test should be requested. If there is a confirmed case of coronavirus, all children and adults within that child’s group should self-isolate for 14 days. 


Someone in the family is suspected of having COVID-19. What do I do?

Anyone can now register for a test through or call 119 if you do not have access to the internet.  You can either request a home testing kit or arrange to visit a Testing Centre.  You will be able to choose a Testing Centre from a selection of those closest to you.  For children under 5 the parent or guardian will be required to perform the test.

Babies and children – call 111 if you’re worried about a baby or child under 5.  If the child seems very unwell, is getting worse or you think there is something seriously wrong, call 999.  Do not delay getting help if you’re worried.  Trust your instincts.


What are the arrangements for dropping off at Daisy Chain? 

Start and finish times will be staggered to avoid congestion. We will be asking parents to stick closely to these timings. Where possible, parents will be asked to come by themselves to drop their child off. Entrances to the school site and building will be designated to avoid groups congregating.  


What if I need to speak to someone at Daisy Chain?

We will ask you to contact the office by telephone or email to talk to the person you require or to pass on a message.


If you have any further questions then please do get in touch with us.