Immerse yourself in a world of mystery, magic, and adventure with a small group of fellow D&D enthusiasts. Join forces to vanquish common foes, unearth legendry treasures and achieve victory!

Our Dungeons and Dragons club offers the opportunity to connect with others, build confidence and boost your wellbeing through the structure of this popular role-playing game.

  • Ages 12-17
  • £10 per person
  • Saturdays 10am-12pm
  • 8 spaces
  • Beginners are welcome.

Daisy Chain specialises in strategies and approaches that are compatible with: Autism, ADHD, FASD, Sensory processing differences, anxiety and social and communication differences. For a young person to attend they must be either diagnosed, on the pathway or have been identified by a professional as having a need relating to the listed neurodiversities.

If you’re interested in attending this club, please email




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