Planning and Key dates….

You can find all the details about the Rising Stars project on this page which will be updated regularly with any changes and planning additions.


The Project Plan

Phase 1: Tasters

This phase involves a set of digital and face2face taster sessions allowing participants to try out the different types of things that will be available in the main project which starts in Phase 2.

Phase 2: The Digital Ecosphere

This part of the project will be delivered primarily online offering a range of digital resources for participants to benefit from. The idea of the digital ecosphere is to offer different mediums for development using a variety of sensory tools. For example this may include:

  • visual and sound stimulus via digital livestreams on social media
  • audio podcasts with built in activities for participants who prefer audio stimulus
  • artistic challenges via online creative arts platforms and so on.

It will introduce the new staff in the Rising Stars Team, by the use of a pre-recorded video, so that potential participants can get to know us a little more .

It will explore how the face2face sessions will work, building skills in a “know before you go” type scenario so that participants know what to expect.

We will use:

  • livestreams, with options of interactivity with participants so that we can start to build a ‘community’ atmosphere within the project, as well as exploring radio and podcast options.
  • sensory indicators to notify participants as to the content of our material, making the project feel like a safe place where material that may be difficult or challenging to an individual’s specific autism spectrum experience can be avoided when necessary. These indicators, which allow each participant to assess which particular content they access, include warnings for bright lights, flashing, loud sounds, as well as general content warnings.

At the end of this phase the participants will have:

  • got to know the project leaders
  • learnt more about what ‘Rising Stars’ is all about,
  • begun building the essential working relationships among one another in order to maintain an environment of trust and safety.

Phase 3: face2face

This will be the main body of the project that will develop participant’s skills in performing arts. This will directly support the development of communication skills, confidence and team work. There will be a number of topics covered within this section including but not limited to:

  • Empathy
  • Superpowers
  • Feelings & Emotions
  • All about me

These topics are open enough to allow participants to develop skills and material for performance.

Depending on the Covid situation, this part of the project could be tweaked and delivered online. (There are many activities that can fall into this plan the globe (Shakespeare’s Theatre) offer autism friendly workshops that support the development of drama skills similar to our aims here)

Once it is safe to return to the Daisy Chain base, we will begin to roll out our plans for in-person activities and workshops.

At the end of this phase the participants will have created something to be shared in the final phase of the project. This is anything that fits into the very broad performing arts spectrum such as:

  • a performance – dance, spoken word etc
  • recorded media, film, music etc
  • a piece of artwork, written word

The end goal of this phase is for participants to:

  • be given a ‘showreel’ of their contributions and involvement throughout the project
  • be involved in an exhibition event in which all participants will be invited to showcase works of their own creation to friends, family and others within the Daisy Chain organisation It will be entirely down to individual choice and as to what the participant is most comfortable with.

The goal of this project is to generally generate an amount of performance work but ultimately it is the journey and not the destination that will be the overarching goal.

The workshops and activities offered will also include the above mentioned ‘sensory indicators’ so that participants can continue to tailor their ‘Rising Stars’ experience to their personal requirements.

Phase 4: Documentary

This phase will document the process of the project as a whole. From its inception to completion this will document the ups and downs of the project and documenting the participants, their families and the staff’s thoughts and developments throughout.

This could also act as a research tool or as a marketing strategy and will hopefully help demonstrate the efficacy of the project.

Phase 5: Final Sharing Event

The final sharing event will mark the end of this project and will be a culmination of the phases that have been worked through.

Imagine an indoor/outdoor gallery space on the Daisy Chain site that showcases a number of different types of artwork. For example:

    • an audio tent where sound bites are played as whispers on 20 small speakers,
    • a documentary screening on the side of the building,
    • or even a full scale drama performance including parents and participants.

This will be an open event that plays to the participants needs but can be as great or as small as required and will be developed as the project progresses.

Key Dates

Taster Sessions

Digital Taster Sessions

These digital taster sessions are so that participants are able to try out the sessions prior to the start of the main project and to allow the project to get started during the national lockdown of 2021.

Friday 5th & Saturday 6th March 2021

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th March 2021 

face2face Taster Sessions

Our face to face taster sessions are designed to give our participants the chance to try out each facet of the project and get a feel for the kinds of things that they’ll be doing in the project.

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Wednesday 7th April 2021

More information about these sessions can be found here: Events

As the project develops further sessions will be announced
Keep checking for updates on our Events page

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